Submission Help

When you upload your education resource, you will first enter the basic information (or metadata) for your item.  Then, you can upload any content to include in your online resource.  While any type of file should be able to be uploaded the preferred file types are below:

  • Documents
    • Word Documents
    • PDF
    • Powerpoint
    • Text
  • DataSets
    • Excel
    • Text
  • Images (stand-alone, not in your documents above)
    • TIFF
    • JPEG
  • Audio/Video
    • WEBM
    • OGG
    • MP4

Using the standard file formats above will allow for the greatest access to your files for users.

Your material will be uploaded as private initially.  Within 48 hours, your upload will be reviewed and made public.  If the reviewers have any questions, they will contact you.