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About General Physics I for Non-Calculus Majors

General Physics I (non-Calculus Majors) Eugene de Silva OTC General Physics I for nonCalculus Majors is the first of two books covering the general application of mathematics/algebra/trigonometry in physics. It covers fundamental concepts of mechanics, fluids, and thermodynamics. Further topics include fluid statics and dynamics, ideal gases, heat and temperature, the laws of thermodynamics, entropy, heat engines, electromagnetism, optics, and modern physics. The course builds upon OpenStax College Physics.


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General Physics I (non-calculus)

General Physics I (non-calculus)  

Creator: deSilva, Eugene
Series Title: General Physics I (non-calculus) - deSilva
Publication Date: 2023
Publisher: Open Textbook Collaborative ( New Jersey )
Resource Type: Textual
Material Type:  textbook
Textual (sobekcm)
Subject Keyword:  Open Education Resources (OER)
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General Physics I (non-calculus)